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Words like "passion", "purpose", "vision", & "mission" can have different meanings for each of us, and that's what makes this project so amazing! Here we can share ideas, be inspired, think critically, creatively, & courageously about the lives we live now, & the lives we desire to be living.

Those dreams we keep dreaming can become a reality.

There's a quote by Tom Rath, a key figure & author in the Gallup & Clifton Strengths world that  reads;
“You cannot be anything you want to be - but you can be a whole lot more of who you already are.”

I find this quote to be quite freeing, it gives permission for us to stop working to please others by trying to change our quirks & instead to redirect our efforts into refining who we already are. We are each designed differently, we have different interests, different skills, different strengths, & different passions, it's part of what makes us all amazing & keeps the world interesting!

The Passion Project brings together people from all walks of life, all leading very different lives, but all with a glimmer of desire to make their life more purposeful, productive, & passion-driven. 

Activities, Workshops, & Tools within the Project have been designed to guide you through all those hopes & dreams you have tucked away & build them into something achievable, life-giving, & meaningful - how it looks is up to you!

Passion Project Key Info:
Workshop One - Vision & Mission (Feb)
Workshop Two - Action & Accountability (April)
Workshop Three - Who You Are & Why It Matters (June)
Workshop Four - Courage Vs. Comfort (August)
Workshop Five - Reflection & Redirection (October)
Workshop Six - New Year, New Goals (December)

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