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CliftonStrengths Coaching

Initial Session (90 mins) | min $90- $130

Additional cost for CliftonStrengths Assessment 

Follow up Session (60mins) | $65-$80

Follow up sessions help you delve deeper into your strengths and learn how they best benefit you and others. We recommend discussing your session schedule with your coach and arranging a follow up session for 4-6weeks after as a check in. 

Introduction to Strengths Group Workshop | min $300 

This workshop is great for teams who want to know more about Strengths. It helps individual team members understand themselves better as well as begin to understand the team. This is a great way to introduce the strengths language and mindset to your school groups, workplace, or even family! Each participant will complete the assessment and are then able to participate in the group workshop, although we do encourage some degree of initial 1:1 coaching beforehand to answer any questions and enable participants to understand and own their strengths. 


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